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It all started in February of 1934, just two and a half months after the end of prohibition. Jay Sindler sat with a friend at the bar in Boston's Ritz Carlton Hotel leisurely sipping a martini.  Sindler worked for the Converse Rubber Company, and was an avid inventor. He held several patents and was a front-runner in the development in the emerging area of thermoplastics.

While enjoying his cocktail, Sindler tried to grab the olive at the bottom of the glass using his fingers. It was then that he hit on the idea of a harpoon-like barbed spear to retrieve the elusive olive.  Within six months, Sindler filed for a patent for the "Swizzle Stick", founded the company Spir-it Inc. and ran an ad in the New Yorker magazine, offering to customize his olive spears with the names of his customers' establishments. Sindler planned to sell his innovation broadly to the foodservice industry.

Invention of Swizzle Stick
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